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I do lewd art and animation, music composition and more recently coding and game development.


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introspurt's News

Posted by introspurt - September 11th, 2021

Hello all.

First of all, I must apologize for not being too active lately on Newgrounds. Part of the reason for that is because most of my time goes into working on the next release of CK, which coincidentally is out right now!

The preferred method of play is, as always, in standalone format, either .exe or .swf (both available on the discord server in the #public folder).

I'm going to be even busier now, since I'm going to be dipping my toes into Unity, to mess around with it and see if it is a suitable platform to remake all CK chapters combined into a single game.

We'll see what I come up with.



Posted by introspurt - March 16th, 2021


The open beta version for CK6 is now available on my Discord server. Follow the link above and head to the #beta-test-downloads channel for more information. Be sure to report any bugs you find in #beta-test-bugs!



Posted by introspurt - December 19th, 2020

CK6 Development is speeding along.

The following are near completion:


Battle Sprites (Art, Coding, SFX)

New Covenants (Art, Coding, SFX)

New features (Art, Coding)

Lewd Scenes (Art)

Map Design

Script Writing is wrapping up.

The following are yet to do:

Maps (Art)

Story Coding

Lewd Scenes (coding)


Will try to keep you guys updated.

More up-to-date updates are available on my discord server.



Posted by introspurt - October 16th, 2020

Hey guys, CK5 is now out of beta testing.

Please let me know if you spot any other bugs and I'll try to take care of them in a timely manner.

CK6 development is underway.



Posted by introspurt - October 4th, 2020

Well here we are! Another Beta release, another storm of criticism. To tell the truth, I kind of expected it this time, as some people still labor under the misunderstanding that CK is just a click based porn gallery with token gameplay. 

CK has always been an experiment and each chapter is a new experiment for me as a game developer. Ultimately I intend to compile each chapter into a full game, and the chapters are made with that goal in mind. I understand that some people were not pleased by the fact that there is a boss at the beginning of the chapter, but this couldn't be avoided due to the episodic nature of the game. Since the game is an experiment, I will continue to try to add new features and mechanics along the way and all I can ask from people is that they be patient and put a small effort into learning them. Some mechanics may be retired over time as the game changes, some may be introduced even in later chapters.

To me this project is more than just an interactive porn gallery. My goal in making this game as it was with the other chapters was to try and elevate the genre of the NSFW flash game. I wanted to make a game that had playability, replayability, a game with a deep story and memorable characters that is at the same time challenging and fulfilling - something that I found sorely lacking in most NSFW games I played online.

I’ve been troubled by comments suggesting that I am in some sort of “echo chamber” or that I have somehow changed due to my time spent on the Discord server. I can assure you that though I have changed the model of the game to a non-monetary basis after closing Patreon, my impetus for making the game, my future plans for the game, and the choices I make regarding its design are all my own. If anything, I'm freer to do the things I want.

I am making the game the way I want to and will continue to do so, even if some people do not approve of my methods. There may be things that I do that certain portions of the fanbase do not approve of with each release, because no matter how much I try, I can never succeed in pleasing everyone.

That being said, concerns have been raised about the difficulty of the game. I will admit that a boss battle a few minutes into the new chapter is not an easy way to get familiar with the various new mechanics that exist in CK5. Due to this, I have decided to make a few changes to help players that are struggling.

  • A difficulty slider has been added that can reduce the boss’s attack damage, HP, and enchantment HP by up to 50%. If you are having trouble with a boss, you can adjust their stats to help you learn the best way to fight them.
  • Stats for Servinnia have been reduced.
  • Stats for Royal Guards have been reduced.
  • You will receive a few more useful healing items for completing the Lan Tutorial.

I want to reiterate that story bosses are difficult but quite possible even without these measures, however I don’t want to disenfranchise people that have a harder time engaging with the new mechanics of the chapter.

In future chapters, I will continue to adjust boss difficulty as is appropriate for the setting and scenario. I will continue to add mechanics that I think are interesting and I am to balance the game in a way that is challenging but rewarding to players. Most importantly, I'll continue to have fun making the game!

Work on CK6 is already underway~



Posted by introspurt - October 2nd, 2020

Hey all.

CK5 is ready for public beta testing!

It has already been through an alpha and a closed beta stage, so most gamebreaking bugs have already been squashed, but if you find any, please let me know, preferrably on my discord server, under the channel #bug-reports.

Here it is!



Posted by introspurt - September 21st, 2020

CK5 is now late in alpha testing.

Closed beta test will start soon!



Posted by introspurt - August 29th, 2020

Story Coding is complete.

Ancillary coding is almost complete.

After that comes music composition.

Then the beta~!


Posted by introspurt - July 30th, 2020

Many people may already follow me on discord, but for those who don't, just wanted to post a quick update.

CK5 is quite large. Story coding is underway and almost half-way done.. err.. almost.

The file will probably need to be split into two halves, but I'm not going to release either half until it is entirely complete, for reasons that will become apparent when you play it.

Still no definite release date, but progress is being made. Stay tuned.

On an unrelated note, I've realized I haven't posted any of the art from CK3 or CK4 on my art page. If you guys want me to upload stuff, let me know.


Posted by introspurt - May 9th, 2020

Writing this real quick because people keep asking.

I shut it down for personal reasons, and I plan to open it back up, though not anytime soon.

Rest assured I am still working on the game; CK5 assets are all but complete, and I'm taking some time to learn object-oriented programming before fleshing out the next chapter.

Since patreon is shut down, the easiest way to keep up to date on developments is to join my discord!

Here's a link: https://discord.gg/7MfXMry